Holiday Hurrahs

December 3, 2013
Holiday Hurrahs
One last chance to stock up on local provisions this Saturday. Yes, Saturday. Our "last hurrah" occurs during Holidays-By-The-Sea, the festive weekend that culminates in Falmouth’s Christmas Parade – all the more festive because this year’s parade will be Falmouth’s 50th!

Come to our holiday market for hearty winter fare, colorful squashes, root vegetables and vitamin-rich greens. Discover preserves made by our local farms. Spotted last week: a cranberry-pepper jelly every bit as delicious as it is beautiful, from Peachtree Circle Farm. Look for Peachtree’s garlic and basil jellies to add to piquancy to your holiday cheese plate; for hard, aged cheeses, try fragrant E&T honey made by hardworking Cape Cod bees. If you’re after local meat, head straight for the Da Silva Farm stand. Our holiday markets always bring surprises but here’s an idea of what to expect.

  • Cranberries, apples, Asian pears, excellent popping corn on the cob
  • Lettuces, arugula, grape tomatoes from the greenhouse, Allen Farms organic sage and rosemary, herbs in pots, and holiday greenery; E&T Farms’ basils, micro-greens and salad mix with edible flowers
  • Spinach, broccoli, tatsoi, chard, collards, kales, cabbage, potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, parsnips, baby fennel, radishes
  • Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac, turnips, including large sweet knobs of famed Macomber turnips
  • Fall squashes (e.g butternut and acorn) and pumpkins
  • Da Silva Farms’ fresh eggs, and roasting chickens sold from the market freezer. Inquire at farm on 104 rear Brick Kiln Road about availability of  duck, pork, and meat pies (508-548-1248.)
  • Local Massachusetts cheeses including Great Hill Blue, Long Lane Farm goat cheese, Shy Brothers’ Hannahbells and Cloumage.
  • Loaves and pastries from Pain D’Avignon. Great Cape Baking’s holiday breads and, hopefully, cider doughnuts.
  • Local honey, beeswax balms and candles from E&T. Specialty jams, jellies, pickles from Falmouth farms.
  • Woods Hole Soaps, handmade with botanicals, including a local seaweed
  • Soft locally-made alpaca woolens, socks, hats, gloves etc. from Midnight Rose Alpaca
  • Wines from Coastal Vineyards—stock up for the holidays.
  • Fresh coffee and organic coffee beans from Down To the Grounds--bag some beans, too.
  • Sirenetta’s hand-made chocolates featuring seasonal themes and local flavors such as cranberries, pumpkins, Cape Cod Saltworks’ sea salt and E&T honey. Chocolate sardines in tins and drinking chocolate, too!

Thank you to everyone who signed last week’s holiday card to our farmers and food producers.

“Farmers’ Market -- Best Day of the week!” wrote one enthusiast.

Some people had just discovered the market. “Just moved here. Glad to see a farmers’ market.” “Ditto,” wrote a second newcomer.

“A real local treasure” and “centerpiece of our town,” commented two of our market regulars. And, of course, “Love the food!”

The market wouldn’t have made it this far without your good vibes, good humor and, when occasion arises, your willingness to put in a good word for us.


Giving Thanks for Local Food

November 22, 2013
It’s almost Thanksgiving. Time to reflect on nourishing things: family, friendship, and the food we eat. Our farmers and artisanal producers have toiled all season, in every kind of weather, to put an amazing bounty of local food on our tables. Please come to Tuesday’s market and say thanks to the hands that have fed you.

There’ll be wintry roots, spuds, brussels sprouts, Falmouth cranberries, all manner of fixings for the ritual bird (for poultry, visit the Da Silva Farms table). Peacht...
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Our Last Regular Market of the Season!

October 8, 2013
You’ll see more fall colors at the market this week. Orange pumpkins, including the lovely coach-shaped Cinderella pumpkin, Musquée de Provence. Burnished mahogany-colored chestnuts. Orange popcorn on the cob, new at Moonlight Rose Farm (see our popping recipe). A cornucopia of green and red apples, including the heirloom 20 Ounce, once America’s favorite dessert apple.

The 20 Ounce (it’s real name) showed up last week, as hefty an apple as we’ve ever seen.

A pretty hefty turnip, too...

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Autumn's Bounty

October 2, 2013
Cool nights and mild sunny days are playing in our favor. Late summer produce sweetly lingers; corn will hang on until we get frost. 

Gradually, though, we are returning to our roots: carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, beets, Jerusalem artichokes, and turnips. Zucchini and summer squashes are slowly ceding to their hardier relatives with thicker skins and orange-colored flesh: butternut, buttercup and acorn squashes, of course, but also more exotic specimens like the “Fairytale” pu...

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Preserve the Summer!

September 24, 2013
Summer came to an official end on Sunday. You can almost hear a communal sigh of relief as life resumes a less frenetic pace. Yet the days remain mostly sunny and mild, not everyone is ready to pull on long trousers, and summer produce still spills over tables at the market.

It’s not too late to preserve some summer goodness: freeze pesto and ratatouille for the winter and put up jars of tomato sauce. All the canning supplies you’re likely to need are sold at Eastman’s Hardware Store. I...

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Calling All Chicken Lovers!

September 16, 2013
Attention chicken-lovers (and we know there are lots of you out there)! This week we have a special addition to our market: a chicken coop.

The coop was conceived and made by three designers at Hutker Architects : Tom Shockey, Sean Dougherty and Nelson Giannakopoulos. The cylindrical coop, called The Silo, is made of found and recycled materials. It will be raffled off at the Living Local Harvest Festival on Martha’s Vineyard on October 5, with proceeds going to Slow Food MV.

The Silo coop h...

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Cape Cod Chef's Table

September 10, 2013

John Carafoli will be at the market on Thursday, September 12 to talk about food and his new book, “Cape Cod Chef’s Table.” 

The official book-signing will be held from noon to 2 PM. Eight Cousins Bookstore, just down the street, also has copies of the book for anyone wishing to make a credit-card purchase.

The book takes readers on a culinary road-trip from Falmouth to P’town. Carafoli stops at restaurants, wangling his way into kitchens and coming away with some of their signature...

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Inspiration for the Lunchbox

September 3, 2013
The skies were overcast, the temperature cool. Not ideal beach weather. Perhaps that’s why lots of families traipsed to the market last week with children in tow. They were snapping up cherry tomatoes – especially the sungolds – as if they were candy, and popping sweet little husk tomatoes into their mouths.
Peachtree Circle Farm brought its first experimental crop of edamame, another kid-friendly vegetable. Edamame are Japanese soybeans. You briefly steam or boil the pods, then squeez...

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It's Getting Hot in Here...

August 27, 2013

"Chickens In Here" read the sign on Da Silva Farms’ freezer last week. The Silva family’s chicken launch went well! Chickens will again be available again this week. You can also talk turkey to Sandy and Dan if you’re interested in ordering a Thanksgiving bird (or call 508-548-1248.)

Rooster Fricke’s chili demo last Thursday began early due to irrepressible enthusiasm. Highlight of the demo: an opportunity to see and taste eight kinds of chilies grown at Nobska Farms in Woods Hole, f...

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Local Chicken n' Chilies

August 20, 2013

If there’s one restaurant associated with nurturing all that’s good about local food in America, it’s Chez Panisse, Alice Waters’ restaurant in Berkeley, CA. What would her top chef do, given an opportunity to cook with Massachussetts ingredients? Last Tuesday at Quick’s Hole, some lucky people found out (read about it here). 

Chez Panisse’s Cal Peternell and Anna Kovel (former food editor for Martha Stewart) joined resident chef Stephanie Mikolazyk at Quick’s Hole to make dinner...

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